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~Wild Camping Island Adventures~ 
~Time for Tea~

Whether you are looking for quality time out with loved ones, solitude or adventure, this is the place to come.

        The emphasis is on freedom, spontaneity, and the unexpected.

Choose to spend a night or two under the stars overlooking the Wild Atlantic Ocean or immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Long Island whilst drinking tea from a china cup.

The roar of the ocean will help you forget, while the crashing waves will help you lose yourself in the wonderment of this magical island.


Your first steps here will be like stepping back in time. There is no traffic noise, only the sound of the ocean and wildlife.

Leave your worries at Colla Pier and let the island weave her magic  into your souls as you get transported to a place where time stands still, and the only thing that matters is the now.

We will be waiting at the gate to welcome you to our home.


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Thanks again for everything. We had a great night last night and today has been incredible !


I honestly don't think I have ever had such a unique, memorable and enjoyable experience as yesterday! It was beyond my expectations and wonderful in every way. Thank you!!! 


Yesterday was the most magical experience! The hospitality was amazing with delicious food! 


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