Wild Island Camping 


Additional Goodies Available of Request 

If you run out of provisions, send us an SOS message. 


We can offer homemade bread; homegrown produce from our garden & polytunnel (when in season); homebaked biscuits & cakes; island smoothies & homemade preserves. 

Our breakfast baskets vary and range from mixed fresh fruit, homemade granola, yoghurt, honey, seeds & nuts, homemade bread and preserves to cheese crusted scones with tasty toppings.

Pete's famous buttermilk pancakes are available too if you need reviving.


Please book in advance so that we have baked in readiness for your SOS. 

The price for a basket starts from €11 per person

Healthy Loaf of Bread
Blue Abstract Shapes

Important Things to Remember

  • Bring all your own equipment - Obvious, I know!

  • If you intend to have a campfire or BBQ, please bring your own wood or charcoal. Please ensure that it is safe and not left unattended ~ the Stoney coves are the best place to have a campfire or BBQ~ 

  • Phone charging, if necessary, is available at East House

  • Pick up service for your kit from the island Pier is available on request - 0.5 miles walk from the pier to East House

  • We take NO responsibility for any accidents or mishappens on the island

  • Leave no trace - All rubbish and recycling to be placed in the designated area when departing